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Switzerland issues ICO guidance

The Financial Market Supervisory Authority has published new guidelines on how it intends to apply financial market legislation to token, indicating that some will be regarded as securities


Spain publishes the draft Bill intended to implement PSD2

Spain has taken a firm step towards the implementation of PSD2 by publishing a draft Bill on the Payment Services Market. Once approved, this will revolutionise the payment services sector, from giving new operators access to banks' infrastructure to potentially creating a regime for new operators

Latest News

WEBINAR: Are you ready for the the brave new world of payments?

On 1 March 2018, we will join forces with PaymentsCompliance in a live webinar to explore some of the key developments that will help payments experts to thrive in the post-PSD2 era.

Latest News

CFTC issues pump-and-dump schemes warning

This new warning by the US regulator focuses particularly on social media, as pump-and-dump schemes are often organised through online platforms