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New EU Whistleblowing Directive – what UK financial services firms need to know

The Directive aims to guarantee a high level of protection to persons who publicly disclose information on breaches which is acquired in the context of their work-related activities across a wide range of sectors and Member States have until 17 December 2021 to bring into force the laws to comply with it

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EU Council sets out strategic priorities for further AML reforms

The Council of the European Union has urged for the quick transposition of all anti-money laundering legislation into national law and for the strengthening of the effective implementation and application of these national laws


Cryo-currency? Hong Kong court grants freezing injunction over bitcoins

The court found that the plaintiff had made out a good arguable case that the bitcoin assets valued at up to US$2.7 million should be preserved in the face of competing claims to ownership


Despite growing scrutiny and enforcement in the cryptocurrency space, regulatory uncertainty remains

In the U.S. no one federal agency has exclusive supervision over cryptoassets. This has resulted in an opaque regulatory environment and, in turn, a reluctance to provide investment for research and development, as well as uncertainty as to how to comply with an evolving regulatory landscape. Here, we review some of the most recent actions by some of the U.S. regulatory agencies