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Italy – would the current collective redress mechanisms protect against data breaches?

Data protection rights are not listed among those fundamental consumer rights that the Consumer Code protects, but certain data breaches of the GDPR could amount to unfair commercial practices and, as such, fall within the scope of application of the collective redress mechanisms


South Africa: no VAT to be levied on cryptocurrencies

The National Treasury is proposing that no VAT should be levied on any cryptocurrency, but the income tax treatment of cryptocurrencies must be considered separately

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FinCEN says SAR filings are "critical" to its cryptocurrency work

A director at the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network has said that the regulator receives over 1,500 suspicious activity reports per month describing suspicious activity in cryptocurrencies


Contactless mobile payments: PSR report keeps future regulatory options open

The report clears up some issues that have plagued the market and addresses some of the UK Payment Systems Regulator's concerns, but as contactless mobile payments are still a developing area, this leaves the door open to further regulatory scrutiny