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U.S. Government issues new Executive Order targeting Turkey

U.S. President Donald Trump blocking property and suspending entry of certain people who are contributing to the situation in Syria, with the result that U.S. persons generally are prohibited from engaging in any transactions or dealings with these new SDNs, and non-U.S. persons also are prohibited to the extent there is a U.S. nexus

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FSB says stablecoins could pose risk to financial stability

The Financial Stability Board has said that global stablecoins could pose a "host of challenges" to the regulatory community and that they have the potential to become "systemically important"

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U.S. SEC stops Telegram's alleged $1.7 billion unregistered digital token offering

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is alleging that Telegram and a subsidiary had not registered their offers and sales of their digital tokens, which are securities

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EU agrees framework for targeted sanctions against Nicaragua

The measures would affect individuals/entities that the EU would consider responsible for human rights violations or abuses, repression of civil society and democratic opposition, and/or undermining democracy and the rule of law in Nicaragua