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FATF says UK virtual currencies exchanges pose low money laundering threat

According to the Financial Action Task Force although virtual currencies are an "emerging risk", there is no evidence that broad scale money laundering and terrorism financing is happening through this sector in the UK


Developing a compliant dedicated interface – it's just around the corner

The European Banking Authority's final report on the requirement to build and alternative access route using the customer interface if the dedicated interface does not perform adequately differs significantly from the June consultation. Here, we explain the key changes

Latest News

G20 leaders commit to crypto regulation in line with FATF

The leaders of the G20 countries have pledged to regulate crypto-assets for anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism in line with the Financial Action Task Force standards


EDPB’s common-sense approach to the GDPR’s territorial scope

The GDPR’s territorial scope is one of the most difficult issues to pin down, so the publication of the EDPB’s draft guidelines on this marks an important milestone in understanding the implications of this influential framework