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Latest News

France issues warning against using unauthorised cryptocurrency platforms

The Autorité des marchés financiers has added four websites offering cryptocurrency investments to its black list of unauthorised websites and entities


MLD5: strengthening the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing, including preventing risks linked to cryptocurrencies

Among others, MLD5 improves the safeguards for financial transactions to and from high-risk third countries, and aims to prevent risks associated with the use of virtual currencies for terrorist financing and limits the use of prepaid cards


New scientific data rules in China: China claims "data sovereignty"

The Chinese State Council has released a set of seemingly innocuous rules, but dig deeper and the measures have serious, far-reaching consequences for all organisations in China carrying out scientific research

Latest News

US House of Representatives says members must declare crypto holdings of more than $1,000

The Committee on Ethics of the House of Representatives has determined that cryptocurrencies will be treated as "other forms of securities"