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South Africa issues proposals on regulating cryptoassets

The South African Reserve Bank has issued a consultation on cryptoassets, in which it reviews the risks and benefits associated with them and the possible regulatory approaches and presents policy proposals


Blockchain and associated legal issues for emerging markets

Blockchain's main characteristics present many challenges to the legal and regulatory framework and organizations that want to develop a decentralized application on a blockchain also face a new set of risks and issues. What are they and how can organisations mitigate them?


Cryptocurrencies: building the ecosystem

The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings has been all but matched by growing concerns on the part of regulators. Here, we examine these concerns, the differing attitudes they have adopted and the effect of regulatory uncertainty

Latest News

Danish Tax Agency to collect information from Danish crypto exchanges

The Skattestyrelsen has been authorised by the Tax Council to obtain information on cryptocurrency traders from three local crypto exchanges