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Latest News

US IRS urged to issue "more robust" guidance on virtual currencies

Five US Congress representatives have written an open letter to the US tax agency, urging it to issue advice clarifying taxpayers' obligations when using virtual currencies


Italy publishes GDPR-implementing decree

The Decree implementing the GDPR in Italy was published earlier this month. Here, we review which provisions integrate the GDPR and which regulate the transaction from the Privacy Code and the GDPR

Latest News

Australia takes action against "misleading" ICOs and cryptoasset funds

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has also stopped the issue of a product disclosure statement for a cryptoasset-managed investment scheme

Latest News

UK government department calls for "Wild West" of cryptoassets to be regulated

The Treasury Committee has released the findings from its inquiry into digital currencies and blockchain, calling for regulation to address consumer protection and anti-money laundering as a minimum