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Latest News

Italy recognises the legal value of DLTs and smart contracts

The Italian Parliament has approved the law provision introducing a definition of distributed ledger technologies and smart contracts in the Italian legal framework

Latest News

US CFTC to prioritise cryptocurrency in 2019

For the first time, the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission has published its examination divisional priorities, which will include a focus on cryptocurrency

Latest News

Central bank of South Korea issues study on effects of CBDCs on financial stability

The Bank of Korea has issued a study that investigates the effects of the introduction of a central bank digital currency on financial stability

Latest News

European Commission adopts Delegated Regulation amending MiFID II tick size regime

The Delegated Regulation amends RTS 11 as regards the possibility to adjust the average daily number of transactions for a share where the trading venue with the highest turnover of that share is located outside the EU