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Bank of Italy issues draft secondary rules implementing PSD2 and 4AMLD

The Bank of Italy and the Financial Intelligence Unit are consulting on three sets of draft rules implementing PSD2 and 4AMLD at a secondary level of legislation

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WEBINAR: California Consumer Privacy Act: what you need to know now

Join members of the Hogan Lovells global privacy team next Tuesday to learn about the groundbreaking new data privacy law that has just been passed in California and that is already dubbed the US answer to the GDPR

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PSD2: France publishes Decree containing list of special payment instruments

The payment instruments listed under the Decree are considered to have a specific social or tax purpose 

Latest News

Bank of England warns financial institutions about crypto exposure

Sam Woods, chief executive of the Prudential Regulation Authority, said that banks, insurers and investment firms should take steps to protect themselves against some of the risk associated with crypto-assets