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EBA issues report on FinTech regulatory perimeter, regulatory status and authorisation

The European Banking Authority report reviews the findings of its analysis of the access to market by innovative financial firms, with a focus on the monitoring of the regulatory permieter, an analysis of the regulatory status of FinTesch; and approaches on authorisation

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Switzerland issues stablecoin guidelines

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority has provided an “indicative” categorisation for supervising various stablecoins, having noticed that such projects have been increasing since the middle of last year


Brexit: challenges and opportunities for FinTechs

With a no-deal Brexit on 31 October still a possibility, what are the main concerns for FinTechs? Here, we review what these are and why businesses should continue their preparations to ensure they can offer their services with minimal disruption


How blockchain might change the fashion industry – and safeguard the authenticity of your goods

The fashion industry is grappling with the question of how to ensure the origin, quality and authenticity of products and prevent the purchase and sale of fake products. Blockchain, when combined with other technologies, may able to help. Here, we review how