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Latest News

UK FCA consults on cryptoassets guidance

The UK Financial Conduct Authority is hopeing that the final guidance will clarify its expectations for firms undertaking cryptoasset activities in the UK and help them ensure they are compliant and have appropriate consumer safeguards in place

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Malaysian regulator clarifies new digital assets regime implementation

The Securities Commission of Malaysia has said that arrangements have been made to facilitate the operations of existing digital asset platform operators for a transitional period until 1 March 2019

Latest News

South Africa issues proposals on regulating cryptoassets

The South African Reserve Bank has issued a consultation on cryptoassets, in which it reviews the risks and benefits associated with them and the possible regulatory approaches and presents policy proposals


Blockchain and associated legal issues for emerging markets

Blockchain's main characteristics present many challenges to the legal and regulatory framework and organizations that want to develop a decentralized application on a blockchain also face a new set of risks and issues. What are they and how can organisations mitigate them?

Latest News

ESMA: cryptoassets need EU-wide approach

The European Securities and Markets Authority has clarified existing rules for cryptoassets that qualify as financial instruments and setting any regulatory gaps and issues that EU policymakers should consider

Latest News

EU financial regulator asks whether new pan-EU rules on cryptoassets are needed

The European Banking Authority has published its assessment of the applicability and suitability of EU law to cryptoassets, recommending that the European Commission undertakes further analysis to determine the appropriate response at EU level

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UK government and FCA respond to Treasury Committee's cryptoassets report

The UK government and the Financial Conduct Authority have responded to the Treasury Select Committee report on cryptoassets, recognising the potential of blockhain  technology and also sharing its concerns about the potential risks to consumers and market integrity

Latest News

Japan issues proposed rules for virtual currency providers

The Financial Services Agency report addresses a range of areas such as risks of virtual currency leakage, coin listings, financial and price disclosures, advertisement prohibitions, margin trading, initial coin offerings and custodial services for virtual currencies