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BIS paper: DLT could improve regulatory supervision

In a working paper, the Bank for International Settlements has made the case for framework that allows compliance with regulatory goals to be automatically monitored by reading the market's ledger, thus reducing the need for firms to actively collect, verify and deliver data


Blockchain and the consumer industry: recent developments and predictions for 2019

Blockchain is posed to bring many challenges and opportunities to the consumer industry and, here, we review some of the main trends that lie in store this year

Latest News

Singapore and Canada successfully use DLT in cross-border payment trial

The Bank of Canada and the Monetary Authority of Singapore have successfully linked up their respective experimental domestic payment networks, in the first trial of its kind between two central banks

Latest News

US SEC to discuss DLT and digital assets

The US Securities and Exchange Commission is hosting a forum to discuss such topics as  initial coin offerings, digital asset platforms, distributed ledger technology innovations, and how these technologies affect investors and the markets

Latest News

US CFTC to discuss DLT and virtual currencies

The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission will hear presentations and recommendations from its subcommittees on DLT and market infrastructure, virtual currencies, automated and modern trading markets and cyber security

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Italy recognises the legal value of DLTs and smart contracts

The Italian Parliament has approved the law provision introducing a definition of distributed ledger technologies and smart contracts in the Italian legal framework

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US SEC seeks help with blockchain data

The US Securities and Exchange Commission is seeking information for potential sources to help it obtain data for the most widely used blockchain ledgers, including the universe of available information and transaction details

Latest News

Saudi Arabia and UAE trial common digital currency

The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority and the United Arab Emirates Central Bank have joined forces to trial a common digital currency for use in financial settlements between the two countries