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Overview of data protection laws in Africa

Data protection is gaining round in Africa, with more and more countries introducing legal frameworks. Here, we review some recent measures, which common trends can be found and whether there is a need for harmonisation


The Cathay Pacific breach: a lesson in managing data protection risks

In June, the aviation industry suffered one of the largest known data breaches in recent history when the personal data of 9.4 million Cathay Pacific passengers was compromised. In this article for StrategicRISK, we unpick the lessons to be learnt


The Cathay Pacific breach: is data protection and cyber security law in Hong Kong about to receive an upgrade?

The Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data has issued an enforcement notice against Cathay Pacific Airways in respect of a data breach concerning unauthorized access to the personal data of some 9.4 million Cathay Pacific customers. We explained what happened and what lessons can be learnt


Data breaches: to notify or not to notify?

Worried about a data breach? The Hogan Lovells Data Breach Assessor lets you lets you quickly and easily find out if you have to notify a data breach, undertake and document a quick risk assessment and document your decision making


WATCH: Data breach response and notification under the EU GDPR and U.S. laws

Our recent webinar provided practical insights to help you benchmark and prepare to operate under a proliferating number of breach notification laws

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UK police unit fined for data breach

Gloucestershire Police has been fined £80,000 after sending a bulk email that identified victims of non-recent child abuse