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How blockchain and smart contracts will change the face of insurance in the U.S.

Blockchain has the potential to foster tremendous change for the insurance industry, especially bring efficiencies and cost savings to existing processes. Here, we explore some of the improvements it could bring to the industry along with machine-learning, artificial intelligence and smart contracts


FinTech: can legislation drive innovation?

Hogan Lovells partner Jon Chertkow looks at what PSD2 and Open Banking could mean for everyday banking


Deciphering blockchain's promise to insurance

Blockchain has been hailed a revolutionary, but what future does it offer to the highly regulated insurance industry?


Why parametric insurance lends itself to smart contracts

Unlike traditional insurance, parametric insurance pays a pre-set, determined amount on occurrence of the triggering event, and therefore works particularly well with smart contracts


What are the implications of DLT on the insurance sector?

Distributed ledger technology has been hailed as having the potential to revolutionise the insurance industry, so which areas are most likely to be affected?


The risks and rewards of using InsurTech

Our new report takes an in-depth look at how InsurTech - and distributed ledgers in particular - could help transform the Insurance sector.

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The lure - and pitfalls - of Insurtech for the insurance sector

Hogan Lovells Partner, John Salmon, looks at the tantalising opportunities that Insurtech - and distributed ledgers, in particular - offers the insurance sector.


FinTech: can legislation really drive innovation?

Hogan Lovells partner Jon Chertkow looks at what the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and Open Banking could mean for everyday banking.


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