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Open banking: an emerging technology grows to maturity

In this article, Counsel James Black explores the key issues in open banking for in-house lawyers


Open Banking: disrupting relationships between customers and banks

The modern banking system has existed in much the same form for centuries now, but this may be about to change with the advent of open banking. Here, we review its potential benefits, the opportunities for innovative banks, new providers and customers and the burning questions for regulators

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Open Banking releases Customer Experience Guidelines

The Guidelines are a set of standards based on regulatory requirements and customer insight that can be applied by third-party providers and account servicing payment service providers


Hong Kong’s open era begins: your Open API Survival Guide

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority's vision for its Open Application Programming Interface Framework for the retail banking sector is one that envisages a more competitive, innovative and technologically advanced retail banking environment for Hong Kong


Open Banking Mexican style

Open Banking could not only reshape the Mexican economy  but also drive beneficial change for society. However, implementing it will involve overcoming many challenges, such as creating common technical standards or designing an appropriate governance structure


HKMA reboots virtual banking

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority has published draft revisions to its “Guideline on Authorization of Virtual Banks”. The new framwork supports the introduction of retail banking services by non-banks. What is the scope of the proposal, what criteria and constraints will apply?


A new dawn: Hong Kong launches Open API consultation

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority has issued a consultation on the Open API framework for the Hong Kong banking sector. What are the main elements of the consultation and how does it reflect Hong Kong's plans for financial services in the future?


FinTech: can legislation drive innovation?

Hogan Lovells partner Jon Chertkow looks at what PSD2 and Open Banking could mean for everyday banking


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