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Latest News

Singapore warns of fraudulent crypto investment websites

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has warned the public about fraudulent websites that solicit investments in cryptocurrencies using fabricated information attributed to the government

Latest News

Singapore's financial regular stops securities token offering

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has stopped an initial coin offering for failure to comply with regulatory requirements under the Securities and Futures Act


Let's get digital: Singapore updates ICO guide

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has published updated guidance for entities that seek to conduct initial coin offerings in the Lion City

Latest News

Shanghai and Singapore to strengthen financial links

The Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Shanghai Municipal Financial Regulatory Bureau have announced key areas for closer financial co-operation 

Latest News

Singapore's stock exchange clarifies rules for listed companies issuing ICOs

Singapore Exchange has issued a regulator's column, in which it makes clear that listed companies issuing initial coin offerings must follow a number of rules

Latest News

Central banks of Canada, UK and Singapore examine opportunities for digital transformation in cross-border payments

The Bank of Canada, the Bank of England and the Monetary Authority of Singapore have issued a report assessing alternative models that could enhance cross-border payments and settlements

Latest News

Singapore proposes new regulatory sandbox with fast-track approvals

The Monetary Authority of Singapore is planning to create predefined sandboxes, which as a start would be for insurance broking, recognised market operators and remittance businesses

Latest News

MAS and SGX develop blockchain settlement system

The Monetary Authority of Singapore and Singapore Exchange have developed a system for tokenised assets across different blockchain platforms