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Developing a compliant dedicated interface – it's just around the corner

The European Banking Authority's final report on the requirement to build and alternative access route using the customer interface if the dedicated interface does not perform adequately differs significantly from the June consultation. Here, we explain the key changes


A compliant dedicated interface for TPP access – are we nearly there yet?

There is still a significant gap between what third party payment providers think should be in the API standards and what is actually there

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LISTEN IN: surviving and thriving in the brave new world of payments

PSD2 brought a host of regulatory and technology challenges, but they also offer many opportunities. The industry-leading panel of our webinar discussed some of the biggest changes that have affected the industry so far, what can be expected down the track, what came as a surprise and where the opportunities lie

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PSD2: ban on traditional screen scraping confirmed in final strong customer authentication RTS

The European Commission has revealed its highly anticipated regulatory technical standards on strong customer authentication