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EU extends economic sanctions adopted against Russia by six months

The measures have been extended by the Council of the European Union to 31 January 2020 and target the financial, energy and defence sectors as well the area of dual-use goods


UK sanctions legislations rushes through Parliament in advance of a potential no-deal Brexit

A significant amount of UK sanctions legislations has been put recently before Parliament to prepare for the possibility of the UK leaving the EU without a deal. Here, we review what is proposed and what the UK sanctions regime might look like after Brexit

Latest News

Ukrainian police arrests suspects linked to allegedly fraudulent crypto exchanges

The National Police of Ukraine has stated that three members of the criminal group are suspected of running at least six fraudulent cryptocurrency exchanges

Latest News

Ukraine to launch cryptocurrency oversight group

The group will be tasked with developing proposals for regulating cryptocurrencies, among other things

Latest News

Ukraine signs draft law on cyber security

The draft law provides the legal and organisational basis for ensuring the protection of the essential interests of the public, state and national interests

Latest News

Ukraine proposes to legalise cryptocurrency transactions

The legislation would bring the local cryptocurrency ecosystem under the oversight of the country's financial regulator