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HMT looks to create payments parachute in event of cliff-edge Brexit

The UK Treasury is taking steps to soften the impact of the EEA potentially becoming a third country regulatory regime overnight. Here we look at some of the specific issues that the Regulations try to address

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FCA backs EBA plans for SCA

The UK's financial watchdog has given the thumbs up to the European Banking Authority's approach to the Regulatory Technical Standards  on Strong Customer Authentication and Common and Secure Communication

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European Privacy

Our European Privacy Tool enables you to rely on our knowledge and experience and contains realistic, practical and workable insights and templates, thus helping to ensure that you are successful in meeting the applicable regulatory requirements.

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FCA to launch new payments sector strategy

The UK's financial watchdog is developing a new strategy to help it identify emerging trends that could harm the payments sector

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ESMA asks Commission to clarify MiFID II ancillary activity test

The European Securities and Markets Authority has asked the European Commission for clarity on how - and at what level - 'ancillary activity' exemption tests should be carried out under MiFID II

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UK regulator to begin work on new global FinTech sandbox

The UK Financial Conduct Authority is to begin work on a global 'sandbox' in which FinTech businesses will be able to test their ideas


What are the trends in payments and retail banking regulation in 2018?

What are the key initiatives and trends the payments industry needs to be aware of in 2018?


The long road ahead for blockchain

Blockchain is being hailed as potentially revolutionary, but there are a lot of challenges ahead before its potential can be fully realised