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Blockchain technology could revolutionise supply chains, agreements, contracts, currencies and more. The Hogan Lovells Engage: Blockchain Toolkit helps you take advantage of the technology's huge potential and disruptive impact, while avoiding falling foul of ever-developing regulatory and legal requirements.


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Currency is generally understood to be legal tender issued by a central bank.  Cryptocurrenty (or virtual currency) does not have legal tender status and is not issued by a central bank but is nonetheless accepted among the members of a particular virtual community as a digital medium of exchange.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are computer programs designed to facilitate, verify, and/or enforce the performance of a conventional contract or, alternatively, an obligation which may otherwise be reflected in a conventional contract.

Digital Identity

A digital identity is the digital equivalent of a person or entity's real identity, used for identification in digital transactions and connections.  Digital identity systems are becoming increasingly essential as transactions and interactions move into the digital sphere.

Token Sales

A token sale is a fundraising event in which an issuer offers tokens to participants in return for consideration; essentially token sales are a method of crowdfunding facilitated through cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. Token sales are also known as initial coin offerings ("ICOs").

Capital Markets

The application of blockchain and distributed ledger technology to capital market transactions has become a hot topic, given the numerous ways in which blockchain technology could prove beneficial to such transactions.


Blockchain technology has the ability to fundamentally change the derivatives industry. One of the key areas for development is in the processing of derivatives payments. 


This section of the Blockchain tool provides guidance on how to analyse blockchain projects under applicable data protection law.

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